Proposed New Rates for July 1, 2014


Oak Lodge Sanitary District changes its rates through resolution. The resolution to change rates effective July 1, 2014 will be presented at the April 8th, 2014 meeting of the Board of Directors.

The District’s sanitary sewer service charge fixed rate per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) will increase $0.74 or 2.18% from $33.84 per EDU per month to $34.57 per EDU per month and the District’s consumption rate per one-hundred cubic feet of average winter water consumption (CCF) will increase $0.30 or 20.89% from $1.45 per CCF per month to $1.75 per CCF per month.

To read about these rate changes going into effect and how the additional funds will be used visit and read the 2015 Proposed Budget Document .

To hear about the rate changes and how funds are spent you can also attend the District’s Budget Committee Meetings. To learn more about the budget committee meetings visit and search for budget committee meetings.

The Budget Committee encompasses the District’s five (5) elected Board of Directors and six (6) citizens who volunteered to serve on the committee and were appointed by the Board of Directors.  A total of  eleven (11) citizens will review and approve the District’s proposed budget. To learn more about volunteers visit

Water Reclamation Facility Dedication Celebration!


Lynn Schoessler, executive director of Oregon’s Infrastructure Finance Authority will join Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Director Dick Pedersen and other local leaders on Saturday, August 3 to celebrate the completion of a major overhaul for Oak Lodge Sanitary District’s water reclamation facility.

The ceremony will be held at the plant located at 13750 SE Renton Ave. in Oak Grove. A family-friendly community event that features, music, hot dogs and hands-on public works equipment displays begins at 11:00 a.m. followed by the keynote address at 11:30. Tours of the new facility will be offered until 3:00 p.m.

District Board of Director’s President, William Wild wants the community “owners” to come see their new treatment facility: “We mailed an invitation to every customer in our District. This project has been a true community effort. We are thrilled to share this special day with our customers and others interested in clean water.”  He reminds community members to bring their families. “This investment was for our future—our children and grandchildren,” Wild explains.

On November 3, 2009 voters in the Oak Lodge Sanitary District approved the sale of up to $44 million in general obligation bonds to rebuild the aging wastewater reclamation plant. The measure was approved by a wide margin – with 85% of voters saying “Yes”. Construction at the water reclamation facility began in June 2010.

Formed in 1956, Oak Lodge Sanitary District provides sanitary sewers and stormwater management for a service area population of 30,000 in Oak Grove, Jennings Lodge, Oatfield Ridge and portions of Gladstone and Milwaukie.


A New Generation of Environmental Stewards

RexStudents111411 (3)Students of Rex Putnam High School have stepped up as environmental leaders in our community. These students have seized an opportunity to work together to restore a portion of Boardman Wetland. The students meet state science requirements by learning how to monitor water quality through the survey of macroinvertebrates. Their work out in the wetland includes invasive plant removal and native plant installation and maintenance. The dedication of theses students is extremely inspirational. The District is proud to partner with SOLVE to support these young leaders in their mission as environmental stewards. Continue to check back for updates on the strides these students make in improving the Boardman Watershed.

Pledge Your Pooch!

CIMG0596Dog poop that’s left on the ground runs into storm drains and makes our water dirty. Picking up dog poop promptly protects people, pets and waterways from harmful bacteria. From rain, to streams and rivers, to our faucets, our water travels in one big cycle. Help us protect our watershed by doing your part. Learn more here.